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Report from the President

Marshal Case On Assignment

Kayaking on a peaceful lake while photographing the wildlife and the natural world all around us is all one needs.

It happens every day. Habitats are being lost, animals are being destroyed, the Planet is in trouble.

Organizations can help in preserving habitats and wildlife and biodiversity but the most effective element of any organization is you.

Trust for Wildlife, since its inception in 1981 and gaining 501©3 non-profit, tax exempt status as a conservation and education organization in 1983, has focused on getting people, you and me, out in the field to experience nature and to preserve it. The best road to nature preservation is where we value it. Certainly we cannot fully appreciate the beauty of our own animal nature if we are not part of it. Sitting at home watching the Discovery channel is not quite the same as walking in the woods and knowing what you are listening to and looking at.

Trust for Wildlife has focused on education and conservation along with some solid research as we provide real programs that get people involved with wildlife in their own communities, and work to reverse the loss of critical habitat and the wildlife who depend on a healthy environment.

Over the past five decades, our Planet has endured increasing pressures and very significant loss of habitat. It is the role of Trust for Wildlife to reverse these trends and failings. Our future depends on daily and continuing hard work and our programs do just that.

A major new focus is to educate Americans about the reality of coffee consumption (2nd most traded commodity in the world, after oil) and to encourage a fast shift to shade grown coffee from open/sun grown coffee. This one cup at a time shift in habit could have enormous positive impact for a healthy and sustainable ecosystem while sustaining critical biodiversity upon which we all depend.

We will continue to sustain a time proven traditional conservation approach and programs while we reach for major change with new initiatives as with promotion of shade grown coffee and production of a documentary film that will tell the story to the general public. Each one of us must count as we work for change.

Trust for Wildlife has acquired some wonderful land to be preserved in perpetuity and we are embarking on ever more ambitious programs to educate and get everyone involved in doing their part. Whether that it is a financial contribution or birdscaping your own yard and garden, we hope you will join us in this life long endeavor. Our research and conservation education programs have reached into Russia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the United States and Canada. A healthy natural world depends on each one of us and we welcome your encouragement and support as we work together to make positive change while enjoying all the benefits of nature study and the outdoors.

On a personal note, I enjoy birdwatching and nature photography, producing a weekly radio show “nature notes”, and working with teachers and students who enjoy studies that get them outside of the classroom and into our natural world. On my farm in southwest Vermont, I have the enjoyment of managing 90 acres of mixed habitat for wildlife, while producing hay and wood products for our economy

The Eyes of the Water Moccasin

water moccasin Ever looked into the eyes of a snake? Ever had the desire to? A recent outing provided the opportunity to get up close and personal with a water moccasin. Click here to read more.

American Greenlands Restoration, Inc.


A large focus of A.G.R.I. is environmental restoration of rural forestland. In these forest ecosystems we promote the restoration of both flora and fauna by encouraging species diversity and habitat creation and enhancement. We also restore habitats which were once present in the landscape but lost in many areas. These restoration projects serve as "Living Memorials" to our brave American heroes. Learn More

Community Nature Education

Morning Bird Banding on the Shore

Education is extremely important to Trust For Wildlife and President Marshal Case. Every school year Marshal works with students from the local middle and high schools who are interested in wildlife and the natural world. These students learn about the environment and the local species using a hands on approach. Children don't just get to see nature, they get to touch it, smell it, and learn what to look for. Learn More