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Fang The Fox

(click the top photo for a larger view)

“Fang”, a very little red fox, landed on the doorstep of Trust for Wildlife. It seems that he had been abandoned by the vixen. He was full of parasites and his mother probably sensed he wasn’t going to make it.

Working with a veterinarian, doses of medicine were figured out and delivered into his system. He made it! And, he started to grow fast.

At first, being small and kind of fragile, he would follow the president of the Trust around the yard and into local fields. “Fang” loved to ride on the back shelf of a 1949 Dodge convertible, nose pointed into the wind and ears flying back. You could feel the joy he derived from every ride. He liked to stop along a woodland path and sniff the flowers and poke his nose at insects or frogs along the way. He had a wonderful appetite, devouring vegetables and fruit along with fish and mice.

His favorite place to sleep was in the bedroom closet. But, not being housebroken for the first month, shoes became his toilet. Of course, that didn’t bother him!

As he grew, he moved from the house to a special outdoor enclosure. Then, the door was left open and food offered each night both inside and outside his home. Eventually, he stayed away for longer and longer periods of time. Then, the door to the enclosure was closed tight and food was offered only outside. He would appear now and then. But, finally, he didn’t return. The best guess is that some vixen had found him attractive and he continued his life in the wild habitat areas that best suit a red fox.

Along the way in his early life, he had a positive impact on many people who had never been up close to a fox-including a group of blind senior citizens who shared the joy of touching and feeling the fur and wet nose of a live fox.