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Bucky The Beaver

“Bucky” was orphaned after his parents were shot and killed outside his beaver lodge. When the poor little beaver popped up in the water, just outside the lodge, he was scooped up and relayed to Fish and Wildlife personnel. They, in turn, delivered the beaver to Trust for Wildlife.

The big challenge was that, at that time, no one in the United States had raised such a young beaver. In desperation, an individual was tracked down in Canada. She had successfully raised very young beaver and the formula worked on “Bucky”.

Bucky the Beaver Sloshing around the BathtubOf course, what to do with an aquatic mammal even when you know what food will work? The bathtub, of course. “Bucky” was ecstatic! Running water and great space-until he grew and grew and grew. The milk formula was fine for awhile but next came saplings from the yard. Then bigger saplings and then whole small trees. “Bucky” loved the attention and would sit in the bathtub twirling his tree sticks in his little hands while stripping the tasty bark. Better than the best apple peeler!

“Bucky” loved to ride in the van during overnight trips. After all, you can’t leave a hungry beaver by himself. Of course, the makeshift bathtub was a challenge with water sloshing all over with bumps and twists and turns in the roads. And, can you imagine sneaking a beaver and his bathtub into the local motel for a quiet night? Finally, “Bucky” started to bale over the side of the bathtub; he was big enough and figured out how much fun it