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Community Nature Education

Planting trees in Quito, Ecuador, as part of a global tree planting program, connected to Rotary International, that will benefit neotropical migrant birds as well as offset negative impacts of climate change.

Educating children and teachers about nature study and the environment has
been at the core of what Trust for Wildlife (TFW) has promoted since its
inception in 1983. Hundreds of thousands of children have benefited from
special curricula developed by TFW, including materials translated and
produced for children and teachers in Russia and Latin Americas. A very
important commitment has been mentoring of middle school and senior high
school students. A number of these students have been successful in pursuing
their college education and careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and
environmental education. Several of the students are profiled here.

Elise Seyferth co-hosting a weekly radio show “Nature Notes”

Elise Seyferth working on nature trail interpretive signs and trail maintenance as part of her senior high school mentoring program

Have You Heard About Shade Grown Coffee?
Do you want to contribute to a climate-healthy planet and help balance the needs of people, wildlife and our collective habitat?

Then you should try Hummingbird Shade Grown Coffee and experience the daily satisfaction of the best tasting coffee while taking charge of a key solution to our planet’s future good health.

You see, trees and rainforest provide habitat for wildlife while also regulating climate and weather patterns. Coffee beans represent the largest United States food import. Since a technology shift in the 1970’s, most coffee beans are grown in full sun where lush rainforests used to be.

Decades of rainforest removal for sun grown coffee has contributed to climate change, extreme weather patterns and dramatic loss of essential animals who once called the rainforest home,
including an alarming loss of birds who winter in coffee growing countries and migrate to the Unites States to nest and raise their young.

Our organization wants to be that part of that key to a climate-healthy planet. Growing the highest quality coffee beans in the shade of trees and bringing them to you is the first step.

Every cup you drink counts!

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